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    About ayur home care

    Ayurhomecare is a passionate team of doctors and therapists who are serving in the field of Ayurveda for more than 12 years.

    A group of Ayurvedic physicians who were serving the society through Ayurveda individually have met together and noted the ongoing health issues. We started to think that how Ayurveda can help these people. We have many Healthcare Home Services in Bengaluru who are serving people by providing home visit consultation, nursing care, etc…. But we did not find any of the Healhtcare Home Services who are willing to serve through Ayurveda. There are many people who can not visit Ayurvedic Hospital or Clinic due to their health conditions or work schedule but willing to get Ayurvedic treatment. There are many Ayurvedic physicians who are running Ayurvedic centers are providing home visits, but to selected patients at their surroundigs.

    To promote Ayurveda and their benefits, we decided to give Ayurvedic Services at patient’s doorstep.

    Ayurvedic treatment

    Authentic Kerala Ayurveda

    Bringing you the best of Ayurveda with the authentic Kerala style in Bangalore

    Home Visit consultation

    Keeping in consideration the COVID19 situation, we come to your door step

    immunity boosters

    A specialised plan to build up your immunity to fight all the infections and viruses

    What our other patients say about us

    In Bengaluru we can get home healthcare services that are providing home visit consultation in allopathy. I found only one Ayurvedic healthcare service i.e., ayur home care which is providing Ayurvedic treatment at our place with qualified Ayurvedic doctors. This is very good platform for Ayurvedic treatment seekers who are not willing to visit Ayurvedic clinics or hospitals.
    Vidyasagar Appu
    I heard of detoxification method in Ayurveda, and I usually take once in 6 months to regenerate my body. Initially I had to visit Ayurvedic hospitals to get detoxification therapy by getting admitted in hospital for a week. I was not having time to spend time in hospital, so it was difficult to get detoxification therapy. Then one of my friends suggested me about detoxification therapy at home from AYUR HOME CARE. I just call them and Ayurvedic doctor from them will visit and depending on my body nature, they are going to prescribe detoxification therapy kit. I need just to follow the doctor’s suggestions.
    Seemarani K
    condition; I took Ayurvedic medicines by visiting Ayurvedic clinics in Bengaluru. But I was not able to follow-up as recommended by physician. Then I got in touch with AYUR HOME CARE for Ayurvedic treatment. Their Ayurvedic doctor visited my home and prescribed freshly prepared medicines and dispensed medicines very next day. Now I don’t have tension to rush to any Ayurvedic clinic or hospital if I want to get any Ayurvedic treatment. I need to just call them and fix the appointment at my convenient time.
    Manjunath K
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