Detoxification Kit

What is Detoxification?

Due to improper diet, long term intake of unwanted medicines, junk foods and lack of exercise the food will not be digested properly, which in-turn leads to formation of toxins in body. Removing these toxins from the body to improve health is called as Detoxification.

What are toxins?

In Ayurveda, there are three types of  toxins that can impact the physiology


Ama is most common type of toxin. It is the waste product of undigested food. It is sticky, white and foul smelling in nature

It is caused by: 

  • Eating foods unsuitable to your body nature.
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Eating before the previous meal is digested
  • Going to sleep on a full stomach
  • Eating foods that are left over, processed, old or fermented


It is the most reactive form ama that forms when ama settles in one part of the body for a long time and mixes with doshas and dhatus.


It is the third type of toxin, and unlike the other two, garvisha comes from outside the body. Included are environmental toxins such as chemicals, preservatives, poisons, air and water pollution, genetically engineered foods, synthetics and chemicals in clothing, synthetic drugs, chemicals in household cleansers, and heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and asbestos.

How our Detoxification Kit helps in removing toxins?

Our Detoxification kit is designed in such a way that the classical Panchakarma procedures likeDeepana, Pachana, Snehana (Abhyanga, Snehapana), Swedana (hot fomentation), Virechana and Samsarjana are arranged in systematic manner so that common people can follow these steps on their own.

​The foremost benefit of Detoxification kit is that the toxins which are present in the body due to long term intake of  medicines, junk food, improper diet and lack of exercise are expelled from body and the healing process of the underlying problem or disease will be faster.

​Any chronic conditions can be reduced or controlled by using Detoxification Kit.

​We have found best results in disorders and conditions like Obesity, Thyroid problems, Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriasis.

After using Detoxification kit, healing process of underlying disorder will be faster and later on prescribing medicines will act better and faster.

Uniqueness of Detoxification Kit

Detoxification Kit is prepared using fresh herbs only after consultation with our Ayurvaidya.

​After consultation, our Ayurvaidya will decide the requirements of medicines and diet according to the patient’s nature.

​This detoxification kit is designed in such a manner that the patient doesn’t require any hospitalization  and patient can go without altering his/her daily routines like job, walking, etc…

​Detoxification Kit is prepared in a GMP and ISO certified company named “TATKSHANA AYURVEDA”, where all Ayurvedic medicines are prepared freshly as per the requirements of the patient. In “TATKSHANA AYURVEDA” medicines are prepared fresh without or very minimal preservatives.

Terms and Conditions of Detoxification Kit

Detoxification Kit is a 10 days program which should be followed as per instructions.

​The patient should only follow the diet and medicines which are explained in Detoxification Kit.

​No other diet should be followed until and unless prescribed by our Ayurvaidya.

​Regular follow-up is maintained.

​Even simplest of doubt during Detoxificaiton Kit intake must be clarified with our Ayurvaidya.

  • Detoxify your body with Detoxification Kit.

  • This Detoxification Kit is for 10 days and is designed in such a way that Classical Ayurvedic  Procedures are systematically arranged as explained in Ayurvedic Classical Texts.

  • To use this Detoxification Kit patient does not require any hospitalization patients can go with their daily routines like job, walking, etc…

  • Any chronic illness can be reduced or controlled by using this Detoxification Kit.

  • After using this Detoxification Kit, healing process of underlying disorder will be faster and later on prescribed medicines will act better and faster.

  • This Detoxification Kit is prepared after consultation with our Ayruvaidya, medicines and diet in the Detoxification Kit are changed depending on the condition of the patient.

  • This Detoxification Kit is prepared with fresh medicines at “TATKSHANA AYURVEDA” (A GMP and ISO Certified Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Company )

  • Detoxification Kit should be taken strictly under the guidance of Ayurvaidya from AYURHOMECARE

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