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Revive your body with the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. Your body needs a detox living in such a chaotic times with stress increasing everyday

Home visit Consultation

Live Diabetes free Life through Ayurveda

Detoxification Kit

Home visit Consultation

    • We, at Ayur Home Care, provide Ayurvedic Consultation and Ayurvedic medicinal treatment at your doorstep.

    • We will send our qualified Ayurvedic physicians at your doorstep to consult and treat you according to Ayurveda.

    • After consultation, our Ayurvedic physicians will prescribe freshly prepared Ayurvedic medicines, which will be dispensed at your doorstep.

    • You will get regular on phone follow-up from our Ayurvedic physicians.

    • We are serving all over Bengaluru, who are in need of Ayurvedic treatment but can not visit Ayurvedic hospital or clinic due to their schedule or health issues.

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Live Diabetes Free Life through Ayurveda

    • We have a unique plan to control and cure diabetes through Ayurveda and Yogasana

    • Our Ayurvedic physicians will plan treatment and diet according to your diabetic condition and medicines & diet will be delivered at your doorstep.

    • Diabetes is merely a lifestyle disorder which is mainly due to our sedentary lifestyle. If we change our lifestyle by modifying our daily routines along with proper Ayurvedic treatment we can get rid of Diabetes and lead a diabetes free healthy life.

    • Each patient will be having a unique treatment plan according to their nature, so our Ayurvedic physicians will plan the treatment accordingly.

Detoxification Kit

    • Due to improper diet, long term intake of unwanted medicines, junk foods and lack of exercise the food will not be digested properly, which inturn leads to formation of toxins in body.

    • Our Detoxification kit is designed in such a way that the classical Panchakarma procedures Samsarjana are arranged in systematic manner so that common people can follow these steps on their own. Person doesn’t require any hospitalization and can go without altering his/her daily routines like job, walking, etc…

    • We have found best results in disorders and conditions like Obesity, Thyroid problems, Rheumatoid arthritis and Psoriasis.

    • After using Detoxification kit, healing process of underlying disorder will be faster and later on prescribing medicines will act better and faster.

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